Dear Prospective Advertiser:

sLiterary is a new quarterly magazine publishing tasteful and highly selective fictional stories relating to Second Life. The publication is to be distributed both in world, and on the web. Although the submissions are in English, the upcoming issue of the magazine will also be translated into French and German editions. Moreover, the magazine content will be of interest to both users of SL and those not yet initiated.

The magazine offers content-targeted and content-seamless advertising opportunities tailored especially for the medium, as described in Advertising Details.

Advertisement Packages come in two Regimes (details):
  • The $L50-10,000 Regime features choices in both story first pages and regular pages, but does not include full-page spreads nor inside cover ads.
  • The $L10,000+ Regime features inside cover ads and full one and two-page spreads.
Please click on the link to the Advertisement Regime you are interested in to load the corresponding advertisement placement handbook widget, aka, the ADbook. You will be able to select the relative location of your ad and place orders from the handbook.

sLiterary is poised to become not only the first publication of its kind, but also the most widely read, and of course, the best.

Your advertisement campaign with sLiterary will surely bring you the exposure you deserve..

Ina Centaur,
Advertising Director